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Miracle3D Designer


Miracle3D Designer allows you to work with models used by Miracle3D engine - SAM and GSM. They are used in Battle Mages and its addon Sign Of Darkness.


  • Open SAM/GSM files
  • Export to SMD and OBJ
  • Supports Skeleton
  • Supports Rigging Data
  • Experimental Model Optimiztaion feature
  • Decompile and Compile Models
  • Export Animations to SMD


Exporting Model

To simply convert SAM/GSM into SMD or OBJ, open any file (File->Open->Model) and select Export->SMD or OBJ option to save the file in desired format.

Decompiling Model

You need to decompile a model before you can edit it. Open any model using File->Open->Model then press “Decompile” button and specify folder where it will be decompiled.

Decompilation will generate few files:

  • model.ini <- Configuration of the model
  • animationData.bin <- Binary animation data
  • name.smd <- Model

As of 0.9, all animations are dumped to respective NAME.SMD files. Importing is not supported yet.

You can only extract SMD files while decompiling.


To compile a model, you need to use a .ini file that can be obtained by decompiling. Open the ini file using File->Open->INI. This will load the configuration file and populate objects in editing group.

You can choose if you want to flip UV (flips V) or if you want to use model optimization.

Press compile to generate a new model file. In the newly opened window type modelname.sam for animated models and modelname.gsm for static ones.




This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.