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MKUHook is a plugin for Mortal Kombat Unchained, it’s designed to work in the PPSSPP emulator (1.11.3+ required).

MKUHook only supports ULUS10102 version of the game!


NPC Select Screen

  • You can access all new select screen with NPC characters by pressing square + circle at any time.

NOTE: This feature benefits from additional select images which can be downloaded here

Kano & Mokap

  • This plugin restores these two NPCs using all leftover files.

Shujinko’s Age Modifier

  • Allows to change model of Shujinko in Konquest mode.

Puzzle Modifier

  • Scales down characters in all game modes similarly to Puzzle Kombat.

Preview Preview Preview


Drag the PSP folder onto PPSSPP folder, which is usually located in Documents folder on Windows. On Android, it is usually in root memory card folder (“PSP”).

If you use PPSSPP portable, the PSP folder is in memstick directory.



MKUHook comes with a simple configuration file, which allows you to use extra features. Open PSP\PLUGINS\mkuhook\settings.ini with any text editor.

There’s an extra log file - log.txt which can tell you if the plugin works or no.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.