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I2Hook is a plugin for PC version of Injustice 2.

I2Hook only works with latest Steam version!


60 FPS PatchRemoves 30 fps lock from supermoves, intros and menus. If your PC does not have required hardware, turning this option on might have negative impact on perfomance!<
 Menu Features
Character ModifierPlay as NPCs - Nightwing, Boss Brainiac. Change forced character in story mode or other modes. You need to restart fight after using this modifier to load extra data!
Speed ModifierChange game speed, enjoy fights in slowmotion!
Stage ModifierChange stage to anything in any game mode.
Player ControlChange speed and scale of players. Scale setting is visual only!
Camera ControlFreeze camera position & rotation. Freely move and rotate camera with keyboard hotkeys.Play in predefined custom camera modes: Mortal Kombat 11, 3RD Person, 1ST Person
CheatsAll cheats can be toggled for both P1 and P2: Infinite Health, Zero Health, Infinite Meter, Zero Meter, Infinite Clashes
Misc.Completely disable all HUD elements.


Since some people might use this plugin for 60 fps patch only, I’ve added an option in the .ini which activates FPS patch only and ignores all other features. Set b60FPSModeOnly in ini to true to enable.

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Download Extract to Binaries\Retail folder of Injustice 2.

If you are not sure how to find your Injustice folder, search for it in your Steam library then right click on the entry and select Manage->Browse local files.

Archive breakdown:

Controller Support

Any XInput compatible gamepad should work.

Gamepad Controls

| Button | Effect | | — | — | | L3 + R3 | Open/Close menu| | X | Adjust menu| | A | Select | | B | Back | | D-Pad | Move/ Scale menu in adjust mode | | Left Stick | Move menu in adjust mode |


If installed correctly, a notification will appear informing that the plugin was installed and is ready to use. By default F1 will open or close in-game menu.

You might need to turn off in-game V-Sync if 60 fps is not applied


Online Compatibility

Needless to say, any cheats will NOT work online.

Playing as NPCs online is possible only if both players have the plugin installed and synchronize settings with each other on select screen before selecting anyone. In short, do everything on select screen and do it in private games only. You cannot use any menu stuff against random players.

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