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I2Hook is a plugin for PC version of Injustice 2.

It only supports latest Steam version!


Character Modifier

  • You can play as anyone in any game mode, this includes NPCs such as Nightwing or boss version of Brainiac.

Camera Control

  • Free Camera
  • Manual Camera Position
  • Pre-set Camera modes: 1ST and 3RD person cameras

60 FPS Patch

  • Injustice 2 has a 30 fps cap for frontend menus, super moves and intros, with this plugin it can be unlocked to 60
  • If your PC does not meet requirement specs, turning this option on might have negative impact on perfomance!


Since some people might use this plugin for 60 fps patch only, I’ve added an option in the .ini which activates FPS patch only and ignores all other features. Set b60FPSModeOnly in ini to true to enable.

Preview Preview Preview Preview


Extract .zip contents to the Binary\Retail folder of Injustice 2.

NOTE: You might need to turn off in-game V-Sync if 60 fps is not applied


I2Hook will show a notification in upper left corner during game start if it was installed correctly.


This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.