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MKXHook is a plugin for PC version of Mortal Kombat X.

Take a look at Steam guide page too! Steam Guide


Playable NPCS

  • You can play as Rain, Baraka, Corrupted Shinnok or original Tanya.
  • Using this plugin, NPCs can be finished and have correct announcer (finish him/her)

Camera Control

  • Free Camera
  • Manual Camera Position
  • Pre-set Camera modes: 1ST and 3RD person cameras

Player Control

  • You can modify speed of player action
  • You can change visual scale

Stage Control

  • You can play on any stage you like - even Red Jinsei stage.
  • You can reset stage objects (throwable stuff)

60 FPS Patch

  • MKX has a 30 fps cap for frontend menus, X-Rays, intros and fatalities, with this plugin it can be unlocked to 60
  • If your PC does not meet required specs, turning this option on might have negative impact on perfomance!

Skip Asset Hash Check

  • You can use custom skins without the need to update TOC tables.
  • Enabling this feature will lock you out of Faction Wars and Online games! (of course disabling it restores the ability)

Misc. Tweaks

  • You can disable sweat effect generation on characters.
  • You can disable combo damage scaling.

Variation Manager

  • You can load multiple variations for one character
  • You can mix various variations (this will crash with some!)

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Extract .zip contents to the Binary\Retail folder of Mortal Kombat X.

NOTE: You might need to turn off in-game V-Sync if 60 fps patch is not applied!

NOTE: This will work with DX11 (default) only! If you use DX10 or DX9 switches, please remove them



Press F1 at any time to open the menu.

This key can be changed!


MKXHook can be configured using MKXHook.ini file - you can open it with any text editor.

If you are not sure what to type where, here’s a quick reference guide:

b - option can be true or false

i - option can be any number in decimal (1) or hex format (0x1)

All options have a comment attached to them.

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