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MKXHook is a plugin for PC version of Mortal Kombat X.


Playable NPCS

  • You can play as Rain, Baraka, Corrupted Shinnok or original Tanya.
  • Using this plugin, NPCs can be finished and have correct announcer (finish him/her)

Camera Control

  • Free Camera
  • Manual Camera Position
  • Pre-set Camera modes: 1ST and 3RD person cameras

Player Control

  • You can modify speed of player action
  • You can change visual scale

Stage Control

  • You can play on any stage you like - even Red Jinsei stage.
  • You can reset stage objects (throwable stuff)

60 FPS Patch

  • MKX has a 30 fps cap for frontend menus, X-Rays, intros and fatalities, with this plugin it can be unlocked to 60
  • If your PC does not meet requirement specs, turning this option on might have negative impact on perfomance!

Skip Asset Hash Check

  • You can use custom skins without the need to update TOC tables.
  • Enabling this feature will lock you out of Faction Wars and Online games! (of course disabling it restores the ability)

Misc. Tweaks

  • You can disable sweat effect generation on characters.
  • You can disable combo damage scaling.

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Extract .zip contents to the Binary\Retail folder of Mortal Kombat X.

NOTE: You might need to turn off in-game V-Sync if 60 fps is not applied!



Press F1 at any time to open the menu.

This key can be changed!


MKXHook can be configured using MKXHook.ini file - you can open it with any text editor.

If you are not sure what to type where, here’s a quick reference guide:

b - option can be true or false

i - option can be any number in decimal (1) or hex format (0x1)

All options have a comment attached to them.

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