Posts Censorship Removal Patch (PSP)

Censorship Removal Patch (PSP)


A plugin for PSP version of Manhunt 2 that aims to remove censorship.

Only ULUS10280 is supported!

It works with both PPSSPP emulator and Adrenaline on PS Vita. PSP was not tested, but should work.


  • Execution ramps (black/white filter) are removed
  • Heads can be cut off using weapons on all levels
  • Heads can be cut off in executions
  • Heads can be smashed using melee weapons such as baseball bat
  • Heads can be smashed in executions

Note that there’s still content to revert/change in order to get 100% censorship free experience. This includes (for example) blood pools disappearing almost instantly and file changes.



A modified console is required!

Extract .prx file to seplugins and add it to game.txt


Drag the PSP folder onto PPSSPP folder, which is usually located in Documents folder on Windows. On Android, it is usually in root memory card folder (“PSP”).

If you use PPSSPP portable, the PSP folder is in memstick directory.


Download (PPSSPP)

Download (PSP/Adrenaline)


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